3 Signs Your Car Is in Need of Auto Repair

No matter what type of vehicle you might own and drive, it has thousands of moving parts that require maintenance and occasional repairs. All car owners have a legal obligation to ensure their vehicles are safe to drive on public roads, which is why police officers sometimes issue fix-it tickets to those who are driving defective cars. According to Gitnux, motorists in the United States pay an average of $500 for car repair services. Here are three signs that your car needs auto repair service.

1. Vehicle Makes Unusual Noises

Your car should run relatively quietly and stay that way whether you are driving in town, on a freeway, or letting it idle to warm the engine. If your vehicle makes unusual noises, such as grinding, scraping, or knocking sounds, it has a mechanical issue. Brakes commonly cause loud metallic sounds when the brake pads are worn out and create metal-to-metal contact on one or more brake rotors. Other common sources of unusual noises include a defective suspension system, transmission problems, or damaged engine parts that cause a knocking sound.

2. Engine Runs Poorly

You might notice the engine idling roughly, misfiring while accelerating, or experiencing a sudden drop in fuel economy. It also might stall and require repeated attempts to start it again. Whenever the engine runs poorly, a car repair service can diagnose the problem and fix it if it’s not too serious. Fouled spark plugs, worn wires or coils, and a leaking exhaust manifold are just a few of the many common things that might cause your engine to run roughly and require repair work. If it’s been a while since the engine’s last tune-up service, you might just need new plugs to get your car running smoothly again.

3. Fluid Leaks Onto the Ground

Your vehicle never should leak fluid, but there are many potential sources of fluid leaks. The cooling system, brakes, and transmission can all leak, along with the engine, if gaskets or seals are worn. Your vehicle has other mechanical systems that commonly use some sort of fluid, and any signs of fluid leaking onto the ground, inside the engine compartment, or on one or more wheels are causes for concern. Whenever fluid is leaking, you need to identify the source and have it inspected and fixed.

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